Should your time is limited for you to tailor your trip, just pick one among our ready made tours and we will customize it to your own wishes:
Mrauk U, Historical Jewels & Ethnic Cultures 5 Days - MYA10 - Mrauk U, Historical Jewels & Ethnic Cultures

The traveler will go to the last capital of the kingdom of Arakan (1430-1785), an important commercial base between the East and the West. This contributed to your religious enrichment and the construction of incredible temples.

Buddhist Stories & Ancestral Landscapes 8 Days - MYA07 - Buddhist Stories & Ancestral Landscapes

This original excursion is for travellers in search of Buddhist monuments and unreal landscapes. 

You will discover Yangon, its British architecture, its lively market, as well as the famous and highly revered Shwedagon Pagoda. 

Foothills of Himalaya 4 Days - MYA09 - Foothills of Himalaya

Putao city is located in the far north of Myanmar in Kachin state, the mountainous region of the eastern Himalayas. It is in this mythical place that we decided to take our travellers. 

The Forgotten Cities Of Burma 15 Days - MYA06 - The Forgotten Cities Of Burma

Two weeks is ideal time to explore the multicultural jewel of Myanmar in depth. The political and ideological upheavals have never tarnished the hospitality and kindness of the Burmese people. Closed for decades, Myanmar has preserved its majestic traditions and heritage despite the frenetic modernization.


Burmese Ethnic – Meeting Between Plain And Mountain 14 Days - MYA05 - Burmese Ethnics – Meeting Between Plain And Mountain

"Here is Burma, a country that is different from all those that you know" these are the words that Rudyard Kipling defined the Burmese Kingdom in his poem, in 1889. Exoticism & the taste of adventure are always preserved through its heritage despite its openness to tourism in 2012.

Burma Discovery 11 Days - MYA04 - Burma Discovery

Myanmar, formerly Burma, still has a mysterious scent until present. Crossroads between East Asia and South Asia, Myanmar is a cocktail of these cultural influences. Combined with the preserved traditions of the decades of isolation that followed the British colonization, the country is modernizing in the big cities at breakneck speed.

The Wonders Of Myanmar 13 Days - MYA-03 - The Wonders Of Myanmar

Myanmar possesses a variety of landscapes and particularly tourist attractions. This is what we propose for you to explore. This trip to Burma will allow you to discover the major sites of the Burmese culture which, you will understand, is completely impregnated by the Buddhist religion. You will also have the chance to explore in greater depth the regions visited.


Golden Triangle, Ancient Kingdom Of Opium 6 Days - MYA08 - Golden Triangle, Ancient Kingdom Of Opium

Located east of the Shan region, Kengtung (or Kyaingtong) also bears the name of Golden Triangle... the ancient platform straddling Burma, Laos, and Thailand where opium was grown and traded with gold... Kentung was the capital!

Myanmar Family Tour 11 Days - MFAM01 - Myanmar Family Tour

Worry-free trip with your children in Burma and enjoy traveling together. This trip to Myanmar is suitable for parents who wish to balance the trip for all members of the family. This itinerary therefore consists of fun activities, hikes, educational discoveries, relaxation and pleasure.

Essence of Myanmar 8 Days - MDEC01 - Essence of Myanmar

This 8-day trip to Burma is especially for travelers who have limited time but want to discover the major and typical sites of this country - the essence of Myanmar.





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"We returned home safely and just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our journey in Vietnam. We are all so happy and better informed about life in Vietnam after the trip you so carefully organised for us."

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